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Nat Measley Speaks: Clients
Nat Measley Speaks: About
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Nat Measley Speaks: Testimonials

Nat is the funniest, most innovative, articulate, exciting individual I've ever met. His leveling up of your thoughts is something that forever changed me.

-Debra Olshan Cooper, PR Executive, founder at YourCareerDesignLab


"a global authority on company culture with infectious energy impossible to duplicate"

Speaking Topics

Leading with Love & Laughter

leadership | strategy

recognition & reward

Using up-to-date theory to build your own strategic leadership plan using love & laughter. Nat earned his master's in Applied Organizational Leadership and has worked with some of the best leaders from the world's best companies.

This talk will help you;

  1. inventory your own emotional intelligence & well-being

  2. create pathways to better understand and connect to those following you

  3. hear world-class case studies of reward & recognition programming

  4. learn to leverage humor positively as a valuable leadership tool

The Perfect Workplace

creativity | design thinking

company culture

An introduction to the power of user-centered design thinking for company culture. Nat's entire life has been dedicated to sharpening creativity and design techniques while building employee-focused programming for some of the world's top teams.

This talk will help you;

1. understand basic design thinking theory

2. start a conscious conversation about company culture where you work

3. better connect to those around you by identifying true intrinsic motivations

4. leverage creativity for your organization

Team Work; Dream Work

employee engagement

inclusion | team building

Sharing secrets to building dynamic, high-performing teams. Nat has worked with teams of 5 up to 500 and delivered team building programs for decades. This talk includes a custom, interactive team building exercise for your audience and goals.

This talk will help you;

1. explore up-to-date team building and employee engagement case studies

2. work on techniques for inclusivity in your every day environment

3. experience a live team building exercise adapted for your organization

4. learn about cost effective solutions with powerful outcomes for your team(s)

Nat Measley Speaks: Projects
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Nat Measley Speaks: About

About Professor Nat

The Nat Measley Story: Nat has led one of the most truly unique and rewarding professional careers and lives. Early Life: Born & raised in Chocolate Heaven (Hershey, PA), Nat lived an idyllic childhood with constant opportunity for growth and consistent reward for creativity.

Early Career: After college and a master's degree in leadership, Nat worked for a start-up that worked with companies and non-profits around the world to explore the value of having more fun at work. Nat was the company's first full time employee in 2008. At 28 years old, he was named the company's CEO. He sold his ownership in the company at the end of 2017 to return to teaching and jump start his speaking career.

Current Career: Nat leveraged his years of experience in academia, corporate consulting, and event production and founded, working with partners and companies around the world to build sustainable solutions to a simple problem - companies spend millions of dollars and hours on employee engagement programs that sometimes just don't work.

Future Career: Nat hopes to continue to share his urgent message with audiences around the world so they can feel empowered and inspired to lead meaningful lives and put their own creativity, connectivity, and passion to work, now. Nat is consistently leading the conversation, focused on leveraging your own creativity for good.

Stats & Certs: Over the nearly two decades total of work with companies, organizations, non-profits, and other community groups and classrooms, both big and small, Nat has spoken in front of more than 1 million people for crowds of 5 – 15,000, to rave reviews for companies like Merck, Capital One, The US Air Force, PwC, Toyota, and many more. From 2012 - 2017, Nat facilitated more team program activations than anyone on earth!

Nat has been trained on various corporate training programs including and worked with groups like Strategic Collaboration, Zappos' Delivering Happiness, The Fish! Philosophy, Your Culture Design and more. He teaches courses in entrepreneurship & workplace culture at various universities.

Nat Measley Speaks: About


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NiceJob Podcast - How Company Culture Systems Fail

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