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Workplace Culture

WilmU: Welcome
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Hi Nicole. . .

. . .and Karen and Jamie and Courtney and Julie and Jenni and anyone I missed. Don? Maryann? OMG - why is this team so big?

It's me, Nat. You remember. The guy from the pic! I thought I would introduce some of the programming we might be able to work on together. I (and my small, growing team) are here to help you! We put together this page to reintroduce me to you (look how I've grown!) and showcase just some of the potential projects - focused on your biggest need(s) as we continue to build upon the amazing work you all have done for so long!

Cheers, -Professor Nat

WilmU: Services

Nat to "Professor" Nat

In the past few years, I have evolved.

But Nat, are you still fun? Yes, AND I'm a professor. I've been teaching workshops and leading consulting contracts focused on workplace culture, DEIB, leadership development, employee engagement data.

I've built partnerships with various alternate providers (experts in these workplace culture spaces); best selling authors, empowering speakers, pro athletes and more. In the past year I've worked with Merck Pharmaceuticals, PQ Corp, Delta Mechanical, and various other mid-sized companies, colleges and universities who are leveraging my expertise and brand to enhance their culture.

WilmU: Services


WilmU: Text
Image by John Schaidler

DEIB Audit

We are working with a 1,200 person, international chemical company to lead a 2-month audit of their budding DIB program. We are leading consulting calls, managing communication, and designing a report with easily interpreted KPI's the organization can use to measure success of their program over a 12-month period. We are working with Jena Burgess, PHR - an expert practitioner in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging. = $6,000 investment for this specific project

WilmU: Services

Workplace Culture Audit & Design Consulting

We can work with your team to identify your biggest workplace culture challenges and help you to design creative and sustainable solutions.

Initial Consult $500 - $1,000 for a 1-month project

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WilmU: Services

Little Lectures with Professor Nat & Guests

Professor Nat hosts custom, online workshops that can also be recorded on subject matter important to you and your workplace culture.

Here's an example of our very first one -

focused on employee well being.

We can also use Nat's pre-existing brand and connection to Wilm U. to leverage these workshops to collect basic employee data too. Here was our follow-up assessment to our employee well begin and mental health Little Lecture. $500 - $1,000 per Little Lecture.

Past Topics: Workplace Culture, The Perfect Workplace, The Hero's Journey - An Intro to DEIB Work, The Business Case for Mental Health & Employee Well Being.

WilmU: Services
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