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our squad = fierce nurse advocates

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Jake's quote abut helping nurses

Jake Chapman, RN, MSN Nursing


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Jenn Zahourek, BSN-RN
founder at

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-Professor Nat Measley
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Nursing Culture Online Learning Package

1. COURSES: Four on-demand, a-synch, micro-courses - 15-30 mins via Zoho TrainerCentral | Explainer Video | "Why This Training" Video

  • #1 Intro to Intentional Company Culture

  • #2 Mission, Vision, and Values; Variables & Variants

  • #3 Intrinsic Motivators & People Power

  • #4 Applied Design Thinking for Company Culture

  • *bonus* #5 Measurement & ROI

2. COACHING: Two Zoom coaching sessions over one year

3. LIBRARY: Lifetime Access to YourCultureDesign Online Library

4. MEMBERSHIP: Preferred scheduling/ pricing on other products

Pricing: Special Summer 2022 Offer = $543.21 (retail value = $996)

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Workshops & Education

Wildly Interactive Classes on Culture & Creativity

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The Perfect & Safest Workplace

Company Culture Data Dive

Hybrid Hysteria & the Modern Working World

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motivation | inspiration | safety | DE&I | story telling

boutique speakers bureau with a select list of world-class speakers, trainers, and thought leaders each with unique perspectives on workplace culture and the world

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Employee Surveys - Data

From small, simple daily pulses to enterprise-scale employee engagement and satisfaction surveys. Get real, non-sugar-coated data to keep your business moving and your people happy.

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Library Bookshelves

Nursing Culture Library

Gallup Q12 Information Page

Anxiety at Work, What Motivates Me & The Carrot Principle books by Chester Elton

The Perfect Workplace *Free YouTube Workshop*

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