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Merck Animal Health November Team Meeting & Culture!

Merck Animal Health: Welcome
Image by Chewy

Welcome Merck Animal Health Team

We're excited to get to know your team at your November meeting.

We'll be facilitating a 30-minute virtual team challenge on November 8th and two 30-minute professional development workshops on workplace culture on November 9th and 10th, respectively.

OUR GOALS are to (1) create a virtual space for you to bond together even more as a team, (2) teach you & practice techniques in creativity and team communication that you can use every day, (3) highlight your values: Patients First, Ethics & Integrity, Respect for People, Innovation and Scientific Excellence in a fun and unique way.

See below to meet your facilitator -
Nat Measley - and some goals and rules for our work together.

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Welcome from
Professor Nat

Hi, I'm Nat Measley. I teach courses on workplace culture and entrepreneurship at various universities and to companies around the world. I'm excited to work with you. When we are together, I'll be a part of your meeting on November 8th, leading a 30-minute team building exercise called The Perfect Pet (see below), November 9th and 10th, leading a concurrent workshop for two 30-minute sessions called The Perfect Workplace. On all three days we'll be putting theory in design thinking, creativity, team work, and culture into practice as a group. I'm excited to work with you.

There is some more information below, including a Rules Sheet for our Perfect Pet Challenge. Come along on this journey and I promise you will learn, have fun & explore models for how we can make work more rewarding.

nat speaking couch.webp
Merck Animal Health: Services
Digital drawing pad

30-Minute Team Challenge:
The Perfect Pet

Break into your new teams (we'll randomly assign you, don't worry), dream, design, and actually draw or create your "perfect pet". It's up to you to brainstorm with your team. You'll get a virtual team dry erase board and can be wild and creative.

Your goal is to produce a "perfect pet" and pitch it to your co-workers. The best pitch and pet will win! Yes, we have prizes.

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The Perfect Workplace

A workshop focused on creating a winning workplace culture that works for you and your organization.

Working on a Computer
Merck Animal Health: Services
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