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Online Happiness Training Hub

START: Our Why

Why did we create our happiness training? YOU.

Your sustainable happiness.

Access Our Why Video

How This Works

How dose our training work? Simple; 5 powerful parts.

A path to change your world.

Access How It Works Video

1. Kindness Acts

Kindness can go a long way for you and for others.

Be kind for you then them.

Access Class: Kindness

2. Road Blocks

Build resilience; embrace the good; appreciate toughness.

Feeding the brutality of life.

Access Class: Road Blocks

3. Self-Care: Brain

Train your brain. It's a muscle. Your mood is up to you.

Negative brain bias beware.

Access Class: Brain Training

4. Self-Care: Body

Explore physical well being as a path to happy.

Move. Breath. Sleep.

Access Class: The Body

5. Purpose & Value

Finding deeper meaning in your spend & valuation.

Budgeting time & money.

Access Class: Value You


Downloads/ tools you need to be a successful student.

Happiness Workbook (.pdf)

Books, Links & Extras (.pdf)

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