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Delta Mechanical

Creating a More Perfect Workplace

Delta Mechanical: Welcome
Image by Jacek Dylag

Welcome Delta Mechanical Team

We're excited to get to know your team at your May meeting.

We'll be facilitating a 2-hour professional development workshop on workplace culture & leadership on May 19th.

OUR GOALS are to (1) create a space for you to bond together even more as a team, (2) teach you & practice techniques in creativity and team communication that you can use every day, (3) highlight your values and lean into the great work you're already doing to make it just a littler more "perfect"; in a fun and unique way.

How do I prepare? Just bring your most creative and wild ideas and you'll be just fine. We'll provide everything else.

See below to meet your facilitator -
Nat Measley - and some goals and rules for our work together.

Delta Mechanical: Services

from Professor Nat

Hi, I'm Professor Nat Measley. I teach courses on workplace culture and entrepreneurship at various universities and to companies around the world. I'm excited to work with you. When we are together, I'll be a part of your meeting on May 19th, leading a 2-hour workshop called The Perfect Workplace. We will be putting theory in design thinking, creativity, leadership, team work, and culture into practice as a group. I'm excited to work with you.

There is some more information below about our worksheet and a Library with some resources that we will also build upon when we are together in Phoenix May 19th. Come along on this journey and I promise you will learn, have fun & explore models for how we can make work and life more rewarding. Cheers, -Nat

Nat's LinkedIn for more info

Nat's email:

Delta Mechanical: Services
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